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Table 1 Caregiver and adolescent variables and measures

From: Violence against children and intimate partner violence against women: overlap and common contributing factors among caregiver-adolescent dyads

 Adolescent ReportCaregiver Report
SexGirl, BoyMan, Woman
Education Primary vs. Secondary or more
Religious affiliation Christian or Muslim
Relationship duration Years with current partner
Living statusLives with biological parent (Y/N)Lives with current partner (Y/N)
Household size Number of persons in household
SES Index (See Attachment)
Physical DisabilityDifficulty performing any basic universal tasks (Washington Group Short Set) 
Mental distressStrengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (alpha = .82)Self-Report Questionnaire (alpha = .92)
Alcohol Use Alcohol use frequency in past 30 days
Relationship qualityFamily connectedness (alpha = .72)Emotional attachment (Relationship Structure Questionnaire; alpha = .90)
Attitudes towards violence Attitudes against VAC (alpha = .82)
Violence Emotional or physical violence against children (IPSCAN)
Emotional, physical, or sexual violence (WHO Women’s Health and Life Events Questionnaire)
Intervention Adolescent attends either an intervention or control school in the parent study