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Table 2 Proportion of participants who strongly agreed or agreed to the statements evaluating label acceptability (n = 2105)

From: Acceptability and understanding of front-of-pack nutritional labels: an experimental study in Mexican consumers

 GDA (n = 697)MTL (n = 708)WL (n = 700)
n (%)n (%)n (%)
 I like this label296 (42.5)655 (92.5)557 (79.6)a
 I want to see this label on the front of packages380 (54.5)644 (91.0)582 (83.1)a
 This label will help me choose a healthier product328 (47.1)636 (89.8)585 (83.6)a
 This label does not catch my attention446 (64.0)145 (20.5)228 (32.6)a
 This label provides me with the information I need360 (51.7)588 (83.1)540 (77.1)
 This label is easy to identify379 (54.4)667 (94.2)623 (89.0)a
 This label provides reliable information380 (54.5)564 (79.7)531 (75.9)
Perceived cognitive work-load
 This label is too complex to understand438 (62.8)90 (12.7)116 (16.6)a
 This label takes too long to understand431 (61.8)77 (10.9)112 (16.0)a
 This label makes me uncomfortable351 (50.4)61 (8.62)107 (15.3)a
  1. GDA Guideline Daily Allowance, MTL Multiple Traffic Light, WL Warning Labels
  2. Bold numbers indicate significant difference (p < 0.05) with GDA. a: Significant difference (p < 0.05) between MTL and WL
  3. Chi2 was used to test for significant differences between labelling conditions