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Table 5 Pre-Post Comparisons of Gender, Race, and Age

From: Replicating state Quitline innovations to increase reach: findings from three states

 Minnesota    76.32<.0001**
 Oklahoma    5.90.02*
 Florida    15.48<.0001**
 Minnesotaa a   
 Oklahoma    4.64.2003
  Black or African American26339.31%30208.89%  
  American Indian318611.27%394411.62%  
 Florida    347.24<.0001**
  Black or African American635712.22%78929.63%  
  American Indian6731.29%9051.10%  
Age (mean)Years Years tp-value
 Minnesota43.14 41.85 5.94<.0001**
 Oklahoma43.83 44.60 −6.59<.0001**
 Florida46.30 45.88 5.44<.0001**
  1. Boldface indicates statistical significance (*p < 0.05, **p < 0.0001)
  2. aRace not reported for Minnesota due to significant variation in how these data were collected over time, making pre-post comparisons unreliable