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Table 2 Associations between geographical distances to roads/structures and immature mosquito abundance, Poisson regression, Coatepeque and Génova, Guatemala, 2017

From: Associations between household environmental factors and immature mosquito abundance in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

VariableTotal number of larvae per householdTotal number of pupae per householdNumber of positive containers per household
Distance from nearest paved road (10-m increase)
 Unadjusted−0.040.01< 0.01− 0.060.03< 0.01− 0.050.01< 0.01
 Adjusteda−0.040.01< 0.01−0.070.03< 0.01−0.040.01< 0.01
Distance from nearest highway (100-m increase)
Distance from nearest structure (1-m increase)
 Unadjusted−0.030.01< 0.01−0.040.02< 0.01−0.040.01< 0.01
 Adjusteda−0.030.01< 0.01−−0.030.01< 0.01
  1. aAdjusted for environmental capital, survey period, urban/rural residence, the number of people in a household, cleaned containers, fumigated inside or outside the house, and the total number of containers. Environmental capital was derived from principal components factor analysis and included: number of rooms in the household; presence of electricity, running water, a television, a landline telephone, cable, trash disposal, and sewer system; and absence of a water well and pit latrine