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Table 1 Household characteristics and immature mosquito numbers, Coatepeque and Génova, Guatemala, 2017

From: Associations between household environmental factors and immature mosquito abundance in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Continuous variablesMedian (IQR)
 Number of people living in household5 (4–6)
 Total number of containers ≥3 L per household4 (3–5)
 Number of positive containers ≥3 L per household1 (0–2)
 Number of larvae in all containers ≥3 L per household8 (0–50)
 Number of pupae in all containers ≥3 L per household1 (0–6)
 Distance to nearest paved road (m)9.5 (3.3–28.1)
 Distance to nearest highway (m)211.3 (57.4–404.3)
 Distance to nearest building (m)2 (1.0–5.3)
 Environmental capitala3.1 (1.8–4.1)
Categorical variables% (SE)
 Cleaned containers around house in previous 6 months53.8 (1.6)
 Fumigated inside or outside house in previous 6 months30.1 (1.5)
 Rural residence72.7 (1.4)
  1. In February–March, 508 surveys were completed. In November–December, 469 of those households were revisited for a second survey (92.3%). At that time, an additional 18 households were surveyed
  2. IQR interquartile range, SE standard error
  3. aEnvironmental capital was derived from principal components factor analysis and included: number of rooms in the household; presence of electricity, running water, a television, a landline telephone, cable, trash disposal, and sewer system; and absence of a water well and pit latrine. Score range: 0–5.5