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Table 1 Characteristics and quality of included studies

From: Sero-positive HIV result disclosure to sexual partner in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author/yearStudy areaStudy settingGenderSample sizePrevalence of HIV status disclosureQuality
Deribe K. et al./2008 [24]OromiaART & Pre ARTWomen &Men70590.8Low risk
Gari T. et al./2010 [25]SNNPRARTWomen only38485.7Low risk
Seid M. et al./2012 [17]AmharaARTWomen & men36093.1Low risk
Erku T. et al./2012 [26]AmharaARTWomen & men33476.7Low risk
Sendo E. et al./2013 [27]Addis AbabaANC attendantsWomen only10773.0Low risk
Reda A. et al./2013 [28]OromiaARTWomen & men60666.3Low risk
Alemayehu M. et al./ 2014 [29]TigraiARTWomen only31564.0Low risk
Alemayehu D. et al./2014 [30]AmharaANC attendantWomen only26389.7Low risk
Genet M. et al./2015 [31]TigraiARTWomen & men32457.4Low risk
Alema al./2015 [16]TigraiART & pre ARTWomen & men36141.8Low risk
Natae S. et al./2016 [32]OromiaARTWomen & men35884.9Low risk
Geremew T et al./2018 [33]OromiaARTWomen & men41152.6Low risk