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Table 3 Annual coverage and sustainability estimated for Farmácia Popular Program, (FP, PMAQ, PNAUM,VIGITEL,PNS), Brazil 2007 to 2015

From: Hypertension and diabetes treatment affordability and government expenditures following changes in patient cost sharing in the “Farmácia popular” program in Brazil: an interrupted time series study

YearPrevalenceaCoverage (%)Total MoH expenditures on medicines (in Millions of reais)hEstimated Expenditure to cover all people by Farmácia Popular (as a percentage of total MoH expenditures on medicines)
  1. a. prevalence in the population 35 years old and older. VIGITEL (Brazilian Basic Indicators -
  2. bCoverage 1. Estimated coverage in FP - Numerator is the number of individuals with at least one dispensing within the year (individuals do not repeat)
  3. cCoverage 2. Estimated coverage in FP Numerator is the average monthly individuals in each year (sum of individuals in each month within 1 year divided by 12 months) (the same individual can be count in different months in the same year)
  4. dPMAQ = National Program for Improving Access and Quality of Primary Health Care (PMAQ); source:
  5. ePNAUM = Brazilian Survey on Medicine Access, Utilization and Rational Use of Medicines. Source: (Brasil. Ministério da Saúde. Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Insumos Estratégicos em Saúde. Departamento de Assistência Farmacêutica e Insumos Estratégicos et al., In press)
  6. fVIGITEL = Surveillance of risk-factor for chronic diseases through telephone interviews; Source (Brasil. Ministério da Saúde. Secretaria de Vigilância em Saúde. Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Insumos Estratégicos, 2015)
  7. gPNS = National Health Survey; Source: (Sarmento Costa et al., 2016)
  8. hMinistry of Health – national accounts (Rondineli et al., 2016)
  9. i2013 AFP coverage is estimated based on coverage linear regression after February 2011