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Table 2 The frequency, duration, place, and the reasons for not practicing sports and exercise during the school and college years (N = 417)

From: Pattern of physical exercise practice among university students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (before beginning and during college): a cross-sectional study

VariablesCollege yearsSchool years
I practice sports regularly
 Once a week10224.58821.1
 Twice a week4510.85012.0
 Thrice a week8019.28620.6
I practice sports ata
 Outdoor playgrounds30.761.3
 Walking areas40.971.5
I do not practice sports due to
 Time limitations7718.512529.9
 Lack of motivation6716.15412.9
 Low income112.692.2
 Unsuitable (hot or cold) weather307.2266.2
 Not interested in sports419.8194.6
 Feeling tired for physical exercise235.5184.3
 There is no women’s gym1.21.2
I practice sports for
 Less than half an hour4811.57117.0
 Half an hour10625.416940.5
 More than half an hour16138.610825.9
 More than one hour3.64.9
  1. aMore than one response allowed. NA Not applicable