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Table 3 Factors associated with high intention of participation in treatment campaigns

From: Factors associated with relevant knowledge of intestinal schistosomiasis and intention to participate in treatment campaigns: a cross sectional survey among school children at Ijinga Island on Lake Victoria, North-Western Tanzania

 Male1  1  
Age groups (in years)
 5–91  1  
 1–31  1  
Relevant knowledge
 No1  1  
Information Source School
 No1  1  
 Yes1.881.17–3.020.0080 .900.48–1.700.75
Information Source Dispensary
 No1  1  
Information Source Family
 No1  1  
Previous participation in MDA campaign
 No1  1  
Previous diagnosis of Schistosomiasis
 No1  1  
Perceived own Vulnerability of getting infected
 None1  1  
Lake considered leading to illnesses
 No1  1  
Schistosomiasis considered dangerous
 No1  1  
Schistosomiasis believed to cause death
 No1  1  
Medicaments believed to cure the disease
 No1  1  
Medicaments believed to have side effects
 No1  1  
  1. Significant values are presented in bold