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Table 2 Independent associations of MVPA and television time with PACER z-score

From: Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity attenuates the detrimental effects of television viewing on the cardiorespiratory fitness in Asian adolescents: the Asia-fit study

 Model 1
  MVPA (min/day)0.0050.0010.322< 0.001
  Television time (h/day)−0.0060.009−0.0080.540
 Model 2
  MVPA (min/day)0.0050.0010.323< 0.001
  Television time (h/day)−0.0080.009−0.0110.363
 Model 1
  MVPA (min/day)0.0060.0010.254< 0.001
  Television time (h/day)−0.0530.010−0.072< 0.001
 Model 2
  MVPA (min/day)0.0060.0010.253< 0.001
  Television time (h/day)−0.0490.010−0.072< 0.001
  1. Model 1: Adjusted for age, city, and body mass index
  2. Model 2: Adjusted for model 1 + MVPA for television time or television time for MVPA
  3. MVPA moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, PACER progressive aerobic capacity endurance run test