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Table 4 Regression coefficients for prediction of VO2max using selected independent values (n = 198)

From: Workers’ physical activity data contribute to estimating maximal oxygen consumption: a questionnaire study to concurrently assess workers’ sedentary behavior and cardiorespiratory fitness

 InterceptIndependent variablesAdjusted R2SEECross-validation
AgeSexBMIWG%fatPA scoreR2pSEEp
yrswomen:0men:1 cm%pointsml·kg−1·min−1%ml·kg−1·min−1
BMI model63.90−0.258.02−0.790.435.0413.10.425.08
WG model70.39−0.228.82−0.330.494.7812.50.484.82
%fat model62.45−0.252.95−0.540.514.6912.20.494.74
  1. PA physical activity, R2p PRESS R2, SEE standard error of estimate, SEE p PRESS SEE, VO2max maximal oxygen consumption, WG waist girth; −, not included in the model