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Table 3 Pearson’s correlation coefficients between measured VO2max and other values (n = 198)

From: Workers’ physical activity data contribute to estimating maximal oxygen consumption: a questionnaire study to concurrently assess workers’ sedentary behavior and cardiorespiratory fitness

 Age (years)Sex women:0, men:1BMIWG (cm)%fatSitting time (min·d−1)
Commuting timeWorking timeLeisure time on workdayNon-workdayTotal
r−0.290.48−0.20−0.24− 0.64−0.11− 0.02−0.27− 0.07−0.15
P< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01<< 0.010.360.03
 Working timeLeisure time on workday (points)Non-workday (points)PA score (points)  
PA intensity (points)Exercise frequencyExercise durationExercise intensityExercise frequencyExercise durationExercise intensity  
P< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01  
  1. BMI body mass index, PA physical activity, VO2max maximal oxygen consumption, WG waist girth. Correlation coefficient (r) and its P value are displayed