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Table 2 FANMI HIV Counseling Curriculum Topics

From: The FANMI (“my FAMILY” in Creole) study to evaluate community-based cohort care for adolescent and young women living with HIV in Haiti: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

1Introduction to FANMI and to HIV
2Adherence to ART and stigma
3Problem solving skills and stress management
4Productive coping skills and resilience
5Family and social support
6Reproductive health
7Sexual risk behavior
8Disclosure to friends, family and others
9Gender-based violence
10Depression and mental health
11Self-esteem and life goals
12Celebration of 1 year in HIV care and initiation of transfer to adult clinic
  1. aThe order of topics covered is modified as needed to fit the needs of each group.
  2. General HIV knowledge and ART adherence materials are covered at every visit