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Table 3 Rate of abstinence during the campaign by demographic characteristics and drinking behaviour

From: Drinking abstinence during a 3-month abstinence campaign in Thailand: weighted analysis of a national representative survey

Characteristic% abstinenceP-value
Gender 0.016*
Age (years) 0.341
  ≤ 2051.4 
  > 6060.5 
Religion <  0.001*
SES index 0.007*
 0 (lowest SES)59.3 
 4 (highest SES)47.7 
Occupation 0.096
 Public employee44.6 
 Business owner44.1 
 Private employee43.1 
 Worker in the informal sector54.9 
Drinking frequency prior to the campaign <  0.001*
Type of beverages consumed prior to the campaign
 Spirits40.4<  0.001*
 Ready to drink (RTD)53.50.485
 Thai frappe cocktail28.70.004*
 Locally made alcohol32.4<  0.001*
Perceived harm from alcohol <  0.001*
 Very harmful51.7 
 Little or no harm32.6 
Exposure to campaign media <  0.001*
 No exposure37.8 
 Yes, and forwarding the message to others55.2 
 Yes, but not forwarding the message to others31.1 
Making a public commitment <  0.001*
 Not available45.6 
  1. Note. *: P-value < 0.05