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Table 1 Characteristics of survey respondents who were drinkers (weighted)

From: Drinking abstinence during a 3-month abstinence campaign in Thailand: weighted analysis of a national representative survey

Characteristic%95% CI
Age (years)
  ≤ 2010.98.7–13.1
  > 604.83.6–6.1
SES index
 0 (lowest SES)6.85.1–8.5
 4 (highest SES)21.818.9–24.7
 Public employee8.45.9–11.0
 Business owner29.625.9–33.3
 Private employee15.112.6–17.5
 Worker in the informal sector31.328.1–34.6
Drinking frequency prior to the campaign
Type of beverages consumed prior to the campaign
 Ready to drink (RTD)5.23.7–6.6
 Thai frappe cocktail6.34.4–8.2
 Locally made alcohol14.111.6–16.5
Perceived harm from alcohol
 Very harmful83.380.7–85.9
 Little or no harm16.714.1–19.3
Perceived impacts of abstinence
 Save money80.777.0–84.5
 Improve physical health79.675.5–83.7
 Improve mental health46.641.9–51.2
 Decrease problems in family30.326.0–34.5
Exposure to campaign media
 No exposure15.513.1–17.8
 Yes, and forwarding the message to others68.765.2–72.2
 Yes, but not forwarding the message to others15.812.8–18.9
Making a public commitment
 Not available35.832.2–39.3