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Table 2 End line characteristics of study population including care seeking and maternal knowledge about community acquired pneumonia (n = 13,310) by intervention types

From: Effectiveness of various communication strategies for improving childhood pneumonia case management: a community based behavioral open labeled trial in rural Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Characteristics of Study PopulationFacility-based InterventionVillage-based Intervention
YesNop valueYesNop value
Populations Surveyed n (%Male)3283(49.7)3343(49.8)0.303280(49.2)3364(49.8)0.15
Eligible children 2–59 months age n(%)1677(49.1)1694(49.6)0.681735(50.8)1677(49.2)0.16
Gender distribution of eligible children
 Children n (%Male)921(54.9)883(5.1)0.10923(53.2)881(52.5)0.70
Age distribution of eligible children
 2–11 months n (%)240(14.3)215(12.6)0.17213(12.3)242(14.4)0.06
 12–23 months n (%)287(17.1)287(16.9)0.89300(17.1)274(16.3)0.46
 24–59 months n (%)1161(69.2)1192(70.4)0.471222(70.4)1161(69.2)0.45
Cases with possible pneumonia and their treatment providers (multiple responses)
 Children Suffered with possible pneumonia in last one year n(%)296(17.6)316(18.6)0.45311(17.9)301(17.9)0.99
 By Home Remedies n (%)117(39.5)150(47.5)0.05121(38.9)146(48.5)0.02
 By Medical store keeper n (%)11(3.7)5(1.58)0.1012(3.8)4(1.3)0.05
 By Government Physiciann (%)53 (17.9)33 (10.4)0.00550 (16.1)36 (12.0)0.14
 By Private Physician n (%)229 (77.4)270 (85.4)0.01245 (78.8)254 (84.4)0.07
Knowledge of Mothers about symptoms of possible pneumonia
 Mothers Surveyed (N)1228123012371228
 Mother who heard about pneumonia n /N (%)1207/1228 (98.2)1206/1230 (98.0)0.661220/1237 (98.6)1193/1228 (97.1)0.01
 Fast Breathing n (%)493(40.8)474(39.3)0.44664(54.4)303(25.3)< 0.0001
 Chest In drawing n (%)530(43.9)456(37.1)0.002642(52.6)344(28.8)< 0.0001
 Inability to drink n (%)313(25.9)358(29.6)0.04450(36.8)221(18.7)< 0.0001
 Lethargic n (%)62(5.1)64(5.3)0.8588(7.2)38(3.1)< 0.0001