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Table 3 Items for decisional balance scale

From: Applying trans-theoretical model for blood donation among Spanish adults: a cross-sectional study

Decisional balance items


I may help save someone’s life.

Donating blood will reduce the risk of getting serious health conditions.

I will get a free of cost health check-up.

Donating blood will help me burn calories

I will be helping to prevent blood shortages

I will set a good example and inspiration for people around me.

Physical Cons

I am likely to faint at the sight of blood.

Donating blood depletes the calcium levels in the body.

Donating blood is an uncomfortable experience because I am afraid of needles.

Eligibility Cons

The blood bank might reject my blood due to low level of my Haemoglobin.

I may find out I have a disease.

I might be told I am not eligible to donate blood.