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Table 2 Factor loading. Reliability coefficient. Mean and SD

From: The impact of social capital on physical activity and nutrition in China: the mediating effect of health literacy

 Item factor loadingreliability coefficient(α)Mean (SD)
Social participation 0.890 
 Participate in activities organized by the community (streets, neighborhood committees, local hospitals, etc.)0.865 3.13 (1.10)
Participate in volunteer activity.0.887 3.07 (1.14)
 Participate in activities organized by social groups, civil associations, etc.0.804 2.78 (1.14)
 Participate in leisure activities (such as cultural and sporting activities, tourism, etc.).0.676 3.35 (0.92)
Social networks 0.765 
 Stay with relatives.0.818 3.64 (0.78)
 Stay with friends.0.811 3.68 (0.80)
Social support 0.817 
 Have a sense of camaraderie with others.0.690 3.51 (0.88)
 Get help from others when you need it.0.750 3.61 (0.77)
 You can feel that others care about you.0.771 3.68 (0.75)
 Someone will take the initiative to share his or her social experience and joy of life.0.756 3.62 (0.78)
 Someone is willing to listen to your thoughts and troubles.0.779 3.66 (0.79)
 Someone will listen to your opinions when deciding or discussing things.0.748 3.68 (0.79)
Control over life 0.895 
 Have self-esteem0.888 4.29 (0.68)
 Have self-confidence0.893 4.26 (0.70)
 Satisfied with your own life0.648 4.13 (0.75)
feelings about the community 0.923 
 Satisfied with the environment of the community in which you live.0.891 3.93 (0.80)
 Satisfied with the public facilities of the community in which you live.0.882 3.93 (0.77)
 Have a sense of security in the neighborhood and on the surrounding roads.0.832 3.92 (0.81)