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Table 2 Institution-based PP interventions evaluated in randomized-controlled trials

From: Psychological well-being as part of the public health debate? Insight into dimensions, interventions, and policy

Positive Psychology (PP) intervention Psychological well-being and other psychosocial outcomes effectively changed Example references
 Goal setting and planning Positive affect (↑), flourishing (↑) A24
 Gratitude Positive affect (↑) A25
 Acts of kindness Positive affect (↑), engagement (↑) A25
 Multicomponent PP interventions (e.g., acts of kindness, gratitude for positive events, mindfulness; PP interventions are often combined with some strategies from cognitive-behavioral therapy or acceptance and commitment therapy) Psychological well-being (↑), flourishing (↑), personal growth (↑), optimism (↑), anxiety symptoms (↓) , depression symptoms (↓) A26-A28
  1. Note. ↑= increase; ↓=decrease