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Table 3 Item, calibration, measure, standard error of the measure, 95% confidence interval, and thresholds

From: Validation of the patient activation measure in patients at discharge from hospitals and at distance from hospital care in Sweden

Item number and nameCalibrated PAM scoreMeasureSE95% CIThreshold 1Threshold 2Threshold 3
1. When all is said and done, I am the person who is responsible for taking care of my health*36.22−1.55.13−1.80 to − 1.30−3.67−2.041.06
4. I know what each of my prescribed medications do*39.52−1.13.13−1.38 to −0.88−3.25− 1.621.48
2. Taking an active role in my own health care is the most important thing that affects my health*41.5−0.87.12−1.11 to − 0.63−2.99− 1.361.74
7. I am confident that I can follow through on medical treatments I may need to do at home43.82−0.57.12−0.81 to − 0.33−2.69−1.062.04
6. I am confident that I can tell a doctor concerns I have even when he or she does not ask43.89−0.56.12−0.8 to − 0.32−2.68−1.052.05
8. I understand my health problems and what causes them47.38−0.11.11−0.33 to 0.11−2.23−0.62.5
3. I am confident I can help prevent or reduce problems associated with my health47.72−0.07.11−0.29 to 0.15−2.19−0.562.54
5. I am confident that I can tell whether I need to go to the doctor or whether I can take care of a health problem myself49.70.19.11−0.03 to 0.41−1.93−0.32.8
11. I know how to prevent problems with my health53.610.69.110.47 to 0.91−1.430.23.3
9. I know what treatments are available for my health problems53.640.70.110.48 to 0.92−1.420.23.31
10. I have been able to maintain (keep up with) lifestyle changes, like eating right or exercising55.910.99.110.77 to 1.21−
13. I am confident that I can maintain lifestyle changes, like eating right and exercising, even during times of stress56.371.05.110.83 to 1.27−1.070.563.66
12. I am confident I can figure out solutions when new problems arise with my health57.981.26.111.04 to 1.48−0.860.773.87