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Table 1 Primer sets and detection probes for conventional and real-time PCRs used in the study to detect Infections caused by the parasitic species Giardia lamblia and Hymenolepis nana and those of the genera Entamoeba and Cryptosporidium

From: Prevalence of selected intestinal protozoan infections in marginalized rural communities in Palestine

ParasiteTargetPrimerSize, bpConditionsRef.
Conventional PCR
E. histolytica18S rRNA geneE-1 5′-GCGGTAATTCCAGCTCCA-3′
36395°C5 m [94 °C 30s 56 °C 30s 72 °C 45 s] for 26 × 72 °C 6 mThis study
E. dispar264
E. coli435
E. nana645
E. muris453
G. lambliatpi gene (1)tpi(A-for) 5′-GGAGACCGACGAGCAAAGC-3′ tpi (A-rev), 5′-CTTGCCAAGCGCCTCAA-3′ (Assemblage A)tpi(B-for), 5′-AATAGCAGCACARAACGTGTATCTG-3’tpi(B-rev), 5′-CCCATGTCCAGCAGCATCT-3′(Assemblage B)184
95°C5 m [94 °C 30s 62 °C 30s 72 °C 30s] for 38 × 72 °C 7 m[26]
H. nana
H. dimenuta
95°C5 m [95 °C 20s 60 °C 30s 72 °C 45 s] for 35 × 72 °C 7 m[27]
Cryptosporidium sppCOWP gene(2)cry15: 5′-GTAGATAATGGAAGAGATTGTG-3 cry9: 5′-GGACTGAAATACAGGCATTATCTTG-3’55395°C5 m [94 °C 30s 60 °C 30s 72 °C 30s] for 38 × 72 °C 7 m[28, 29]
Real-time PCR
C. parvum sppC. parvum-specific 452-bp
DNA fragment.
Cr-F 5′-CGCTTCTCTAGCCTTTCATGA-3′ Cr-R 5′-CTTCACGTGTGTTTGCCAAT-3′ CryptoTP1 Tex Red- 5′-CCAATCACAGAATCATCAGAATCGACTGGTATC-3′ BHQ213895°C1 5s [95 °C 15 s 60 °C 30s 72 °C 30s] for 40x[25]
G. lambliaSSU RNA gene (3)Giardia 80F 5′-GACGGCTCAGGACAACGGTT-3′ Giardia 127R 5′-TTGCCAGCGGTGTCCG-3′ Giardia-105 T FAM-5′-CCCGCGGCGGTCCCTGCTAG-3′-BHQ 16295 °C 15 s [95 °C 15 s 60 °C 30s 72 °C 30s] for 40x[25]
  1. (1) tpi: triosephosphateisomerase, (2) COWP: Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein, (3) SSU RNA: Small subunit RNA.