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Table 3 Analysis of the discriminant validity of scales

From: Association of Adverse Childhood Experience and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with depressive symptoms among men who have sex with men in China: moderated mediation effect of resilience

ScalePaired-dimensionsModel AModel BModel B-Model A
 Abuse-Household challenge37.251949.172011.92***1
 Neglect-Household challenge34.631345.601410.97***1
Depressive symptoms
 Depressed affect-Positive affect169.4753766.5954597.59***1
 Depressed affect-Somatic and restarted activity252.2376265.407713.17***1
 Depressed affect- Interpersonal160.4634210.683550.46***1
 Positive affect- Somatic and restarted activity79.1334729.1825650.05***1
 Positive affect- Interpersonal14.368312.299297.93***1
 Somatic and restarted activity- Interpersonal52.721988.942036.22***1
  1. Note:(1) Model A was unconstrained model; Model B was constrained model; (2) *Δχ2 > 3.84, P < 0.05; **Δχ2 > 6.64, P < 0.01; ***Δχ2 > 10.83, P < 0.001; (3) ACE: Adverse childhood experience; ADHD: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; (4) The discriminant validity of resilience scale was not analyzed because only one dimension was included