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Table 3 Views towards toilet use behaviors with increased risk for infections, n (%) (N = 300)

From: A mixed-methods study on toilet hygiene practices among Chinese in Hong Kong

Not washing one’s hands after toilet233 (78.2)
Not flushing the toilet229 (76.8)
Touching contaminated toilet facilities229 (76.8)
Spitting into hand basins175 (58.7)
Not using soap to wash one’s hands after toilet159 (53.4)
Sitting on the toilet seat144 (48.3)
Spitting into urinalsa28 (32.2)
Flushing the toilet without the lid closed102 (34.2)
Frequent use of public toilets94 (31.8)
Not drying one’s hands after washing them43 (14.4)
  1. aAmong male participants