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Table 5 Factors associated with PTG in patients with TB receiving DOTS in Japan

From: Psychological changes and associated factors among patients with tuberculosis who received directly observed treatment short-course in metropolitan areas of Japan: quantitative and qualitative perspectives

 N = 88
95% CIp value
 Own residence0.8130.1045.9110.784
Symptom severity
Physical recovery
 Feel deterioration1.000   
 Partial recovery10.9080.811146.6720.072
 Full recovery0.8320.0788.8760.879
Clinical nurse’s consultation
DOTS frequency
Ability to move at time of diagnosis
 A little disabled0.2880.0402.0430.213
Appraisals of the efficacy of the DOTS programa)1.1571.0261.3040.017
Assessments of the DOTS program practiceb)1.3071.0651.6030.010
  1. Multivariate logistic regression analysis, forced entry method
  2. *: p < 0.05
  3. aHigher scores reflect greater efficacy
  4. bHigher scores reflect greater practice