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Table 2 Descriptive statistics of the psychological violence items

From: Psychological intimate partner violence against women in the European Union: a cross-national invariance study

Controlling Behavior and Economic Violence
 Try to keep you from seeing your friends?0.180.381.680.810.73
 Try to restrict your contact with your family of birth or relatives?0.110.312.484.160.65
 Insist on knowing where you are in a way that goes beyond general concern?0.230.421.32−0.270.72
 Get angry if you speak with another man/woman?0.220.421.33−0.240.70
 Become suspicious that you are unfaithful?0.210.411.39−0.050.68
 Prevent you from making decisions about family finances and from shopping independently?0.110.312.494.200.58
 Forbid you to work outside the home?
 Forbid you to leave the house, takes away your car keys or locks you up?
Emotional Abuse
 Belittled or humiliated you in front of other people?0.190.391.620.610.66
 Belittled or humiliated you in private?0.260.441.10−0.790.69
 Done things to scare or intimidate you on purpose, for example by yelling and smashing things?0.190.391.550.410.69
 Made you watch or look at pornographic material against your wishes?
Threatened to hurt or kill someone you care about?
  1. M Mean, SD Standard Deviation, ritem-test corrected item-test correlation. Skew and kurtosis standard error were below .01