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Table 3 Association between geographical regions and pulmonary tuberculosis clusters in Yunnan

From: The characteristics of spatial-temporal distribution and cluster of tuberculosis in Yunnan Province, China, 2005–2018

Characteristic of clustersRegionsCounties within clusters Counties outside clusters χ2P
Spatial clustering PTB cases
 Border*1872.0728.09.16< 0.01
Spatial clustering SSP-TB cases
 Border1768.0832.08.71< 0.01
Spatial clustering SSN-TB cases
Spatial-temporal clustering PTB cases
Spatial-temporal clustering SSP-TB cases
Spatial-temporal clustering SSN-TB cases
  1. PTB Pulmonary tuberculosis, SSP-TB Sputum smear-positive tuberculosis, SSN-TB Sputum smear-negative tuberculosis,
  2. † Counties within the most likely or secondary clusters
  3. ‡ Counties outside the most likely or secondary clusters
  4. * Border: 25 border counties in Yunnan