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Table 2 Demographic features and Chi-square test for HIV awareness among rural residents in western China (N = 9274)

From: Awareness of HIV/AIDS and its routes of transmission as well as access to health knowledge among rural residents in Western China: a cross-sectional study

VariablesNProportion of population (%)Rate of awareness (%)χ2p value
Patient type
Social-demographic variables
  16–40496253.588.7482.118***< 0.001
  above 60138715.065.1  
  Illiteracy130414.160.0853.465***< 0.001
  Farmer428446.274.0340.533***< 0.001
  Migrant worker137914.987.9  
  Salary employee112112.191.8  
  Unemployed individuals8288.975.6  
 Personal monthly income
  No income262128.374.1186.448***< 0.001
  Less than 2000 yuan412744.580.3  
  2000–4000 yuan198121.488.9  
  4000 yuan and above5455.989.2  
 Cumulative cases of HIV/AIDS
  Less than 5000345837.377.159.513***< 0.001
  50,000 and above375240.584.3  
 Per capita annual net income of rural households
  Less than 5000 yuan365439.480.164.676***< 0.001
  5000–6000 yuan361939.078.3  
  6000 yuan and above200121.687.0  
 Proportion of minority population
  Less than 10%319134.486.294.898***< 0.001
  90% and above5716.274.1  
Access to HIV knowledge
 NCD (in the last 6 months) and medical instructions
  Do not have an NCD688974.381.178.709***< 0.001
  Living with an NCD with medical instructions193020.883.8  
  Living with an NCD without medical instructions4554.965.7  
 Had a physical examination (in the last year)
  Yes351537.987.0135.679***< 0.001
 Participated in health education activities (in last 6 months)
  Yes295131.888.3154.400***< 0.001
 Received health knowledge from medical staff
  Yes487252.588.8419.755***< 0.001
 Received health knowledge from the mass media
  Yes665371.787.9740.238***< 0.001
 Received health knowledge from family members
  Yes7958.676.212.189***< 0.001
 Received health knowledge by socializing
  Yes169618.386.948.780***< 0.001
  1. ***P < 0.001