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Table 2 Membership Card with 24 topics, showing the topics to be covered and the recommended practices as developed in the CBEHPP by Ministry of Health Rwanda

From: The value of monitoring data in a process evaluation of hygiene behaviour change in Community Health Clubs to explain findings from a cluster-randomised controlled trial in Rwanda

1What is a CHC  Registration of neighbours 
2Electing a committee  Vote for a committee 
3Mapping  Village map with all WASH facilities 
4Household Inventory  Take part in a home survey 
5Personal hygiene  Washing clothes, blankets 
6Skin/eye diseases  Treatment of skin /eye diseases 
7Handwashing methods  Used hand wash facility 
8Infant care  Correct child Immunisation 
9Diarrhoea  Oral Rehydration Solution demo 
10Malnutrition  Growth monitoring card 
11Food storage  Pot rack, hanging baskets 
12Kitchen hygiene  Smokeless stove/ventilated kitchen 
13Food variety  home nutrition mounds/gardens 
14A balanced diet  Individual plates and shelves 
15Water storage  Covered, treated water 
16Drinking water  Drinking ladle, individual cups 
17Water Sources  Use of safe drinking water source 
18WASH management  Clean up of water source 
19Vector control  Solid waste management/pit 
20Safe sanitation  Zero Open Defecation (ZOD) 
21Sanitation planning  Improve/build new latrine 
22Model Home competition  Home visits: social networks 
23Drama and songs  Competitions: learn song/slogan 
24Graduation  Celebrations: attendance