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Table 1 Intervention components, description and assessment

From: Papass clinical trial protocol: a multi-component school-based intervention study to increase acceptance and adherence to school feeding

Intervention componentsDescriptionAssessment
Adherence to school meals- Placement of posters on cafeteria walls and displays on tables with messages and/or images that encourage students to make healthier food choices;
- The implementation of the use of tablecloths in the cafeteria with color images of fresh foods, accommodation of the fruits served in the school feeding in a prominent position, improving their visibility in an attractive way;
- The equipment of the cafeterias, with the installation of a thermal distribution counter to guarantee the autonomy of food choice by the students, through a self-service system;
- Placement of a banner with the daily dishes menu at the entrance of the cafeteria; application of footprints on the floor that playfully direct the adolescents to the cafeteria;
- Changes in the dishes that make up the menu of the only school which will receive the two interventions (Intervention group 2).
A question about the frequency of school meal consumption, applied in 3 moments (baseline, half of the school year and end of the school year).
Acceptance of dishes offeredApplication of acceptability tests applied after the 4th week of implementation of each new menu (5 in total) in 2019 and a questionnaire with questions about each food group applied in 3 moments (baseline, half of the school year and end of the school year).