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Table 2 Comparison between the number of standard drinks on a typical day with the number of drinks/serves for Australian and USA students

From: Inaccuracies in survey reporting of alcohol consumption

 Standard drinksDrinks/ServesP-value
Australiaa5.41 (3.49)5.40 (3.49)0.977c
USb6.58 (1.95)4.70 (2.18)< 0.001c
 US < 21 yrs6.52 (1.83)4.87 (2.16)< 0.001 c
 US 21+ yrs6.66 (2.13)4.44 (2.19)< 0.001 c
  1. a113 Australian students reported number of standard drinks and number of drinks/serves (i.e. 9 cases excluded from analysis due to one or more missing values); b285 US students (174 < 21 years and 111>/=21 years) reported number of stand drinks and number of drinks/serves; cIndependent t-test