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Table 2 Five participant groups across levels of influence with sample questions for each group

From: Factors that influence implementation at scale of a community-based health promotion intervention for older adults

Participant GroupSample Questions
Leaders of delivery partner organizationsHow does offering this type of program fit with the strategic direction of your organization moving forward?
What needs to be in place for this type of programming to be successful in your organization on a longer term? Across the province?
Recreation managersWhat needs to be in place for a program like CTM to be successful in your centre on a longer term?
What is the likelihood that your organization will continue to deliver this type of programming as part of usual practice?
Recreation coordinatorsWhat factors have helped your organization implement CTM?
What has made it challenging for your organization to implement CTM?
Activity coachesGenerally, how well did the implementation of CTM proceed for you?
Did you modify any of the program components? If so, why?
ParticipantsWhat are your favourite parts of the program?