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Fig. 1

From: Factors that influence implementation at scale of a community-based health promotion intervention for older adults

Fig. 1

Phased delivery of Choose to Move and timing of interviews by participant group. Blue and yellow bars represent programs delivered by different delivery organizations. Leaders of delivery organizations were interviewed before (or during) phase 1 and at the end of phase 2. Timing of interviews for other groups (Recreation Managers, Recreation Coordinators, Activity Coaches and Participants) are illustrated in the bottom portion of the figure. All Recreation Managers at sites delivering 3 or more programs were interviewed once at the mid point of the final program. All Recreation coordinators were interviewed at program mid-point the first and last time their site delivered a program. All Activity coaches were interviewed at program mid-point the first and last time they delivered a program; a subset were interviewed post-intervention as well. Participants were interviewed at baseline, mid-point and post-intervention. *Although 23 programs were initiated during this cycle, 1 program was cancelled after baseline measures were collected. Adapted with permission from “Implementation of a co-designed physical activity program for older adults: positive impact when delivered at scale,” by McKay H, Nettlefold L, Bauman A, Hoy C, Gray SM, Lau E, and Sims-Gould J, 2018, BMC public health, 18 [1]:1289. CC BY 4.0

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