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Table 3 Timeliness of reporting for Legionnaires’ disease cases notified in MSIS, 2008 to 2017, Norway

From: Evaluation of the national surveillance of Legionnaires' disease in Norway, 2008-2017

 All observationsValid observations
All, n = 438Urine antigen test, n = 345Not urine antigen test, n = 93AllUrine antigen testNot urine antigen test
Days from toMedianp10;p90Medianp10;p90Medianp10;p90Medianp10;p90nMedianp10;p90nMedianp10;p90n
Illness onset to test sampling51;1251;1070.2;32.263;1440453;1032173;37.883
Illness onset to notified105;3194;19198.2;699103;3140494;19321199;79683
Test sampling to notified41;1631;1194;68041;1643331;1132494;68091
  1. p10: 10th percentile, p90: 90th percentile
  2. Cases notified in MSIS and a date of illness onset in the period 2008 to 2017 (n = 438), Norway. “Test” refers to diagnostic test for Legionella