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Table 2 Data quality, internal validity, Legionnaires’ disease cases notified in MSIS, 2008 to 2017, Norway

From: Evaluation of the national surveillance of Legionnaires' disease in Norway, 2008-2017

VariableCriteria for valid valueValid observations
n%95% CI
 Date illness onset< sample date and < date of reporting40492.289.3;94.6
 Date sample taken> date of illness onset and < = date of reporting40492.289.3;94.6
 Date of reporting> date of illness onset and > = sample date43398.997.3;99.6
Diagnostic test and diagnosis
 Analysed specimenBAL, blood, expectorate, induced sputum, airway secretions, urine, biopsy, tissue sample42797.595.6;98.7
 Test method and analyses specimen matchMaterial urine if method antigen test, and not antigen test if not urine43599.398.0;99.9
 Reported byAt least one of reporting institution, person, hospital stated43298.697.0;99.5
 Name of laboratory that analysed sampleNot ‘other’, ‘unknown’ or empty field39389.786.5;92.4
  1. Internal validity for variables in MSIS for notified cases with a date of illness onset in 2008 to 2017 (n = 438)