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Table 1 Data quality, internal completeness, Legionnaire’s disease cases notified in MSIS, 2008 to 2017, Norway

From: Evaluation of the national surveillance of Legionnaires' disease in Norway, 2008-2017

VariableVariable not empty and not ‘unknown’Variable not empty
Complete observations (n)%95% CIComplete observations (n)%95% CI
Place and source of infection
 Domestic or travel-associated42095.993.6;97.5438100 
 Place where the patient was infected (country, city, other)42095.993.6;97.542597.095.0;98.4
 Which country (Norway or other)400 of 42095.292.7;97.1400 of 42095.292.7;97.1
 Which county (if in Norway)147 of 15594.890.1;97.7147 of 15594.890.1;97.7
 Reason for/purpose of travel abroad (if travel-associated)251 of 26594.791.3;97.1254 of 26595.892.7;97.9
 Mode of transmission36583.379.5;86.738688.184.7;91.0
 Occupational infection32474.069.6;78.034077.673.4;81.4
The clinic and test
 Test carried out (e.g. urine antigen test, PCR, serology)43799.898.7;100438100 
 Sampled specimen (e.g. urine, sputum, BAL)43699.598.3;99.943699.598.4;100
 Name of hospital if hospitalised424 of 43098.697.0;99.5424 of 43098.697.0;99.5
 Why sampled (clinical illness, screening)42897.795.8;98.942897.795.8;98.9
 Clinical diagnosis/ indication (e.g. pneumonia, sepsis)42797.595.6;98.742797.595.6;98.7
 Outcome of disease (e.g. recovered, still ill, mortis)36082.278.3;85.738888.685.2;91.4
 Analysed by reference laboratory204.62.8;6.9214.83.0;7.2
The notification
 Notified by (laboratory, physician, or both)43799.898.7;10043799.898.7;100
 Reporting hospital (name)39590.287.0;92.839590.287.0;92.8
 Name of reporting person or hospital clinic35480.876.8;88.435480.876.8;88.4
 Reporting type of clinic (e.g. medical, lung, infection)13430.626.3;35.113430.626.3;35.1
 Reporting institution (name of hospital, clinic, town)8118.515.0;22.58118.515.0;22.5
  1. Internal completeness for variables in MSIS for notified cases with a date of illness onset in 2008 to 2017 (n = 438)