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Table 3 Prevalence of zinc deficiency among children, from individual studies, Ethiopia, 2019

From: Prevalence and associated factors of zinc deficiency among pregnant women and children in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Name of authorRegionStudy designAge of childrenSample sizeResponse rateCutoffs used (μg/dl)PrevalenceQuality score
Zaida H et al. 2014AmharaCross-sectional4–15 years76480.9%SerumZinc< 65 for children< 10 years and < 70 for children> 10 years12.5%8
Bemnet A et al. 2012AmharaCross-sectional10–14 years100100%Serum zinc < 7547%7
Roba K et al. 2018Babile (Oromia), Enderta and Hintalowajirat (Tigray)Cross-sectional6–23 months162100%Low serum zinc< 6567.3%7
Masresha T et al. 2019National levelCross-sectional6–59 months1176100%Serum zinc< 6528%8
Adamu B et al. 2015AmharaCross sectional6–60 months240100%Serum zinc level < 6557.1%8
EPHI 2016National levelCross sectional6–59 months1143100%Serum zinc level < 7035%8
5–14 years1569100%Serum zinc level < 7036%8
  1. EPHI Ethiopia Public Health Institute