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Table 1 Alcohol management practices

From: Sustaining the implementation of alcohol management practices by community sports clubs: a randomised control trial

Substantial food provided when alcohol sold
Non-alcoholic drinks 10% cheaper than full strength alcoholic drinks
Drunk/intoxicated people not allowed to enter club
Low-alcoholic drinks 10% cheaper than full strength alcoholic drinks
Four non-alcoholic options available for purchase
People under 18 years of age do not serve alcohol
Drunk/intoxicated people not served alcohol
Drunk/intoxicated people not permitted to remain on club premises
Free water provided when alcohol sold
Staff do not consume alcohol whilst on duty
One low-alcoholic drink option available
Licensing signs visible at all bars
No drink promotions undertaken at the club (happy hour, all you can drink functions, alcohol-only awards and prizes, cheap drinks, drinking games, drinking vouchers/cards)