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Table 4 Menstrual hygiene practices of adolescents girls at Gedeo zone high schools, Southern Ethiopia, 2019 (n = 791)

From: Knowledge and menstrual hygiene practice among adolescent school girls in southern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Practice related questionsFrequencyPercentage
Using absorbent materials during menstruation52366.1
Using commercially made sanitary pad during menstruation33642.4
Change pads or cloths more than three times a day during menstruation49462.4
Using clean clothes with soap and water15119.1
Dries cloths in sunlight37547.4
Cleans external genitalia during menstruation51765.3
Disposes the pads by wrapping with paper24630.0
Washes bath daily with soap during menstruation44656.4
Cleaning of external genitalia with water and soap during menstruation55069.5
Disposes used sanitary pads in dustbin35444.7
Over all menstrual hygiene practiceGood31439.7