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Table 2 Per cent distribution of child health outcomes by the presence of biological parents and other household members, BFHS 2007

From: Household composition and child health in Botswana

 Stunted (below −2 SD height/age)Diarrhoea in the last two weeks before the survey
%TotalN% miss.95% CI%TotalN% miss.95% CI
Children by the presence of parents and other household members
 Mother onlya30.46316807.226.8,34.415.56806800.012.8,18.5
 Father onlyb30.83493757.125.9,36.121.13733750.617.1,25.8
 Both parents28.4109311746.925.5,31.520.1117411740.017.7,22.7
 No parents32.64014337.328.1,37.513.54314330.310.5,17.2
 Mother presentc29.1172418537.026.8,31.618.4185318530.016.6,20.4
 Father presentd29.0144215496.926.4,31.620.3154715490.118.3,22.6
 Other relatives27.32522686.120.5,35.314.82682686.110.7,20.0
 Not related member31.12292435.824.9,38.014.52432430.010.5,19.7
 Grand Total29.9247426627.128.0,31.918.0265826620.116.5,19.6
  1. Total =all children with and without stunting/diarrhoea. N = All children, including those with missing data. aonly the mother of the child is listed in the household, and not the father.bonly the father of the child is in the household, and not the mother. cdetermined from the type of household head and whether the mother is present in a household; MH + MP, FH + MP, GH + MP, UH + MP, AH + MP, ORH + MP, NRH + MP. ddetermined from the type of household head and whether the father is present in the household; MH + FP, FH + FP, GH + FP, UH + FP, AH + FP, ORH + FP, NRH + FP. M Mother, H Household head, F Father, G Grandparent, U Uncle, A Aunt, OR Other relatives, NR Not related member, and P Present