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Table 6 Associations between sexual health group and low satisfaction/high distress with sex life (Men and Women)

From: Latent class analysis of sexual health markers among men and women participating in a British probability sample survey

 Low satisfaction/high distress with sex life
%95% CIProbability (SE)p-value for comparison with Good Sexual Health
 Good Sexual Health9.68.5 to 10.70.07 (0.01) 
 Sexual Function Problems31.627.0 to 36.60.40 (0.02)<.001
 Wary Risk-takers9.05.9 to 13.50.10 (0.02)0.257
 Unwary Risk-takers10.26.6 to 15.50.09 (0.02)0.738
 Good Sexual Health4.53.8 to 5.40.02 (0.01) 
 Sexual Function Problems40.735.6 to 46.00.45 (0.04)<.001
 Unwary Risk-takers8.66.0 to 12.20.05 (0.01)0.009
 Wary Risk-takers10.76.5 to 17.10.12 (0.03)0.003
 Low Interest18.416.1 to 20.90.21 (0.02)<.001
 Highly Vulnerable32.724.8 to 41.70.32 (0.07)<.001
  1. Percentages allow for complex survey features. Estimated probabilities allow for classification uncertainty. Chi-squares p-values compare the probability of low satisfaction/high distress with sex life for each higher-risk class with the Good Sexual Health reference group
  2. CI confidence interval, SE standard error