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Table 2 List of diagnosis codes for which patients could be screened for onset of SARI symptom, IMOVE+ hospital based IVE studies

From: Impact of national influenza vaccination strategy in severe influenza outcomes among the high-risk Portuguese population

Influenza like illnessCough786.2R05
Difficulty breathing786.05R06
Sore throat784.1R07.0
Fatigue/malaise780.79R53.1, R53.81, R53.83
Cardiovascular diagnosisAcute myocardial infarction or acute coronary syndrome410–411, 413–414I20–23, I24–25
Heart failure428 to 429.0I50, I51
Respiratory diagnosisEmphysema492J43.9
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease496J44.9
Dyspnoea/respiratory abnormality786.0R06.0
Respiratory abnormality786.00R06.9
Shortness of breath786.05R06.02
Other respiratory abnormalities786.09R06.00, R06.09, R06.3, R06.89
InfectionsPneumonia and influenza480–488.1J09-J18
Other acute lower respiratory infections466, 519.8J20-J22
Viral infection, unspecified790.8B34.9
Bacterial infection, unspecified041.9A49.9
Bronchitis490, 491J40, 41
InflammationSIRS non infectious without acute organ dysfunction995.93R65.10
SIRS non infectious with acute organ dysfunction995.94R65.11
Diagnoses related to deterioration of general condition or functional statusGeneral physical deterioration, lethargy, tiredness780.79R53.1, R53.81, R53.83
Feeding difficulties783.3R63.3
Abnormal weight loss783.21R63.4
Other symptoms and signs concerning food and fluid intake783.9R63.8
Desorientation/Altered mental status780.97R41.0
Dizziness and giddiness780.4R42
Infective delirium293.0, 293.1F05
Transient alteration of awareness780.02R40.4
Other alteration of consciousness (Somnolence, stupor)780.09R40.0, R40.1
Febrile convulsions (simple), unspecified780.31R56.00
Complex febrile convulsions780.32R56.01
  1. aSIRS Systemic inflammatory response syndrome