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Table 1 List of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 9th and 10th version codes for chronic conditions

From: Impact of national influenza vaccination strategy in severe influenza outcomes among the high-risk Portuguese population

 ICD 9th versionICD 10th version
Respiratory011, 490–511, 512.8, 513–517, 518.3,A15, J40–47, J60–94, J96, J99, J182,
518.8, 519.9, 714.81M34.81, M05.10
428.42, 428.32, 482.22I50.22, I50.32, I50.42
412,0-412,9, 413.0–413.9, 414.0–414.9I25.2, I20.8, I20.1, I20.9, I25.0-I25.9
Renal581.0–581-9, 585.0–585.9N18, N04
Kidney571.0–571.9K70, K74, K72.1
Hematologic282.4, 282.5, 282.6D56, D57
Imunocompromised042, 279, V08, V42B20, D80–84, D89.8–9, Z21, Z94
Diabetes mellitus250E10–11; Z94.0-Z94.4, Z94.6-Z94.9
Genetic conditions273.4E88.01
Obesity278.00, 278.01, 278.03E66.01, E66.2, E66.9
  1. ICD International Classification of Diseases (ICD)