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Table 1 Baseline demographic and entrepreneurship characteristics of the 32 participants in the HKHC intervention

From: A mixed-methods evaluation of community-based healthy kitchens as social enterprises for refugee women

Baseline characteristics (n = 32) 
 Age, median [IQR]41 [35.5–45]
 Marital status, married, n (%)28 (87.5)
 Educational achievement, completed middle school, n (%)7 (21.9)
 Head of household, n (%)7 (21.9)
 Worked in the previous week, n (%)7 (21.9)
 Household size, median [IQR]a6 [4–7]
 Household working members, number, median [IQR]2 [1–2]
Entrepreneurship skills
 Intend to engage in new income generating activities, n (%)28 (87.5)
 Currently engaged in income generating activities, n (%)16 (50.0)
  1. a [IQR] Interquartile range