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Table 1 Facts about rural roads in Sweden and Region Västmanland [13, 14]

From: Incidence of seriously injured road users in a Swedish region, 2003–2014, from the perspective of a national road safety policy

Rural roadsSwedenRegion Västmanland
Length km 2014Speed revision 2009Million vehicle km 2014Length km 2014Speed revision 2009Million vehicle km 2009
Increased speed 10 km/hDecreased speed 10 km/hIncreased speed 10 km/hDecreased speed 10 km/h
National roads15,6001000250037,00036261981045
Motorwaya2220  18,00073   
Barrier separated roada2790  4000192   
Speed camera sectiona3300   45   
Regional roads82,900165015,35021,00017720290461
Total rural roads98,500265017,85058,0002134613881506
  1. aIncluded in national roads