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Table 1 Primary and secondary objectives and outcome measures

From: Campbelltown – Changing our Future: study protocol for a whole of system approach to childhood obesity in South Western Sydney

ObjectivesItem to be measuredProposed instrument/measure
To examine change in
 • BMI-z score
 • childhood overweight and obesity prevalence
AnthropometryParent-reported height and weight
To examine changes in
 • sugar sweetened beverage intake
 • water intake
 • daily fruit and vegetable consumption
 • proportion of participants meeting the Australian Dietary Guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake
DietModified version of the Simple Dietary Questionnaire (SDQ) [26]
 • minutes per day spent in moderate to vigorous PA (MVPA) and Sedentary Behaviour (SB)
 • proportion of participants meeting national PA and screen time guidelines
 • mode of transport to and from school
PA and sedentary behaviourModified questionnaire containing items from Core Indicators and Measures of Youth Health [27] and SHAPES survey [28]
Accelerometry data [29, 30]
 • psychosocial health summary score
 • physical health summary score
Physical and psychosocial healthPaediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL) [31]
Systems and environmental
To examine change in
 • school policy environment
 • school physical environment
Physical and social school environmentsLive Life Well @ School desirable practices [32]
 • built environmentPhysical and social built environmentCommunity Park Audit Tool [33]
 • communities’ understanding and preparedness to act on specific issuesCommunity capacityReadiness to Change questionnaire [34]