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Table 1 Risk factors of interest diseases

From: Associations of mental disorders and neurotropic parasitic diseases: a meta-analysis in developing and emerging countries

DiseaseRisk factor
Mental disorders• Family history
• Stressful living conditions
• Existence of a chronic disease
• Traumatisms
• Drug use
• Child abuse or neglect and/or
lack of social support [4, 5]
Neurotropic parasitic diseases
 Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT)
 Chagas disease
• Family history of HAT, living near a wetland [6]
• Economic, cultural, and human behaviour [7]
 Human Toxocariasis
• Age, home, consumption of undercooked meat, and unwashed fruit or raw vegetables [8]
• Bare hand contact with the ground or injury to animals, consumption of poorly washed vegetables [10]