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Table 5 Multivariate poisson regression analysis predicting the number of reported health risk factors (n = 6205)

From: Behavioral health risk factor profiles in general hospital patients: identifying the need for screening and brief intervention

Predictorsincident rate ratio95% CIp
Medical department (internal medicine*)General surgery0.990.93–1.040.638
Trauma surgery1.010.96–1.060.655
Gender (female*)Male1.181.14–1.23< 0.001
Age group (18–34 years*)35–49 years1.131.07–1.19< 0.001
50–64 years1.071.02–1.120.01
Achieved school level (highest*)Lowest1.391.31–1.48< 0.001
Medium1.231.16–1.30< 0.001
Employment status (employed*)Unemployed1.121.06–1.19< 0.001
  1. Notes: * reference, CI = confidence interval