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Table 4 Factors associated with congruence between perceived risk and measured risk of HIV acquisition

From: Perceived risk versus objectively measured risk of HIV acquisition: a cross-sectional study among HIV-negative individuals in Serodiscordant partnerships with clients attending an Urban Clinic in Uganda

 Crude PR; 95% CIaAdjusted PR; 95%CI
Age < =450.87 (0.73,1.03) 
Education level
 secondary0.97 (0.81,1.17) 
 tertiary0.79 (0.58,1.09) 
 none0.85 (0.53,1.38) 
 Polygamous relationship1.18 (0.97,1.44) 
 Aware of partner’s viral load status1.12 (0.95,1.33) 
 On ART > 10 years0.90 (0.74,1.08) 
 Partner has bdetectable viral load0.64 (0.50,0.81) †††0.51 (0.29–0.90) †
 High measured risk (objective)0.48 (0.22,1.04)0.65 (0.30–1.40)
  1. aAdjusted estimates obtained from generalized linear model of binomial family
  2. bDetectable viral load defined as viral load>75 copies/ml. †P-value < 0.05, †††P-value< 0.001