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Table 1 Socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics of the study population and summary of partners’ ART history

From: Perceived risk versus objectively measured risk of HIV acquisition: a cross-sectional study among HIV-negative individuals in Serodiscordant partnerships with clients attending an Urban Clinic in Uganda

 Summary statistic
N = 177
Variablen (%) or median (IQR)
Age in years41 (35,50)
Age group
 < =45 years118 (66.7)
 > 45 years58 (33.5)
 Men63 (36)
 Monogamous relationship156 (88)
 No. of Children4 (2,6)
 Desire to conceive90 (51)
 Reporting condom-less sex61 (35)
 Aware of partner’s Viral load status72 (41)
 Circumcised men35 (60)
Partner’s ART history
 First line Regimen155 (88)
 Duration on ART in years7.7 (4.8,11.1)
aDetectable viral load22 (13)
 Time since last viral load in months6 (3,9)
  1. Abbreviations: ART Anti-retroviral therapy, aDetectable viral load is defined as Viral Load > 75copies/ml