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Table 2 Economic incentives on WTAW in each of the health insurance use-cases based on wearable device purpose of usage scenarios

From: Willingness to adopt wearable devices with behavioral and economic incentives by health insurance wellness programs: results of a US cross-sectional survey with multiple consumer health vignettes

Health insurance use-case based on wearable devices purpose of usageRELATIVE RISK of WTAW with an additional economic incentiveP value[95% Conf. Interval]
Health promotion scenario1.060.0181.011.11
Early detection of diseases scenario1.030.210.981.08
Prediction of future health risks scenario0.780.270.511.21
Adherence tracking scenario1.
Personalized products scenario1.110.0181.011.21
Automated underwriting scenario1.28<0.0011.201.37
  1. Note. All models were adjusted for the demographic variables age group, gender, education level, income level, ethnicity, health insurance, marital status, and employment status; and clustered on state of residence to correct for correlated observations within each state
  2. P values of <0.05, considered to be statistically significant, are presented in bold